About Us

Cia Global de Alimentos is a young and dynamic company of TRADING INTERNACIONAL. Founded in the year 2008, with activity in the international trade sector.

We currently have a wide network of professionals, both our own and in collaboration, which makes us present on all five continents. We also have agreements with various Partners, which provide us with the ability to cover a broad spectrum of the market.

We have Customers and Suppliers in various countries of the world, EU, Europe, North Africa, West Africa, Middle East, Dubai, Qatar, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, USA, Mexico, Canada, Central America , Caribbean, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and in the rest of the world.

What is Trading:  

Trading is basically a form of business or commercial intermediation traffic. Both the companies that want to start exporting, and those that already do it, especially small businesses, do not have or do not want to invest in their own means to do so, they can resort to the so-called “foreign companies” or export companies. import, to start selling or expanding their markets and therefore, their sales.

The enormous advances in communication systems have made intermediation become a value management. The reason for being of these companies is the constant search for that value for their clients, through the offer of increasingly sophisticated services and systems.

The World Federation of Trading House Association (WFTA) defines the ‘trading houses’ as’ intermediaries specialized in the long-term development of the trade of products and services supplied, mostly by third parties. They use international networks and infrastructures, both to supply themselves and to supply their customers



  • Sugar Icumsa 45 Origin Brazil

  • Soybean GMO – Soybean GMO Origin Brazil and Argentina

  • Wheat Origin Brazil and Argentina

  • Corn: For animal consumption Origin Brazil

  • Mineral Water Natural Origin Argentina
  • Fish and Seafood of Argentine Origin

  • Degummed oils for Biodiesel

  • Raw Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Corn, Soy)

  • Refined Vegetable Oils for human consumption (Sunflower, Corn, Soybean, Canola, Palm, Peanut, High Oleic, Olive, etc.)


1-Interested customer sends LOI with full details of the direct buyer
2-Seller issues SCO or FCO
3-Buyer returns signed and sealed FCO
4-Seller issues and sends draft contract
5-Once a contract between both parties has been reviewed, a definitive contract is signed with digital signatures.
6-The buyer issues BCL in his bank or opens LC in favor of the seller. The LC will not be released until the buyer’s bank receives the shipping documents.
7-The seller issues PB 2% in favor of the buyer as a guarantee of compliance with the contract
8-Seller issues POP product and other certificates specified in contract, including SGS certificate.
9-The seller makes the shipment
10-The buyer releases the LC payment against the required documents.
Payment method accepted: SBLC or LC:
LC / SBLC at sight- (LETTER OF CREDIT), irrevocable, transferable, divisible, operative, TOP 100, open 14
monthsLC: (onemonthvalue) Payment: Seller Bank issues 1presentation of Documents to Buyer
Bank (every shipment), Buyer Bank pay every shipment MT 103 / TT
to Seller Bank at the time of delivery against presentation of B / L documentation and Certificate of SGS

Forma de pago aceptada: SBLC o LC : 

LC/SBLC at sight– (LETTER OF CREDIT), irrevocable,transferable,divisible,operative,TOP 100, open 14 monthsLC (onemonthvalue)
Payment: Seller Bank issues 1presentation of Documents to Buyer

Bank (every shipments), Buyer Bank pay every shipments MT 103/TT to Seller Bank at the time of delivery against presentation of B / L documentation and Certificate of SGS


Compañia Global de Alimentos

  • San Juan 1771 Piso 1, Mar del Plata. CP 7600- Buenos Aires -Argentina

  • export@cglobaldealimentos.com.ar

  • cglobaldealimentos@gmail.com

  • 54 223 4726861 Solo se habla Español ( Spanish Only)
    To communicate in English only by Email or WhatsApp, & Skype in writing.
  • Movil & whatsapp : 549 223 4008384
  • Skype: ciaglobal